Algae Farm® intellectual property and technology includes a system and process that continuously produces high yield, reliable, predictable, scalable and sustainable algae biomass in a climate controlled indoor environment.  A mobile climate controlled indoor on-site non-invasive option is also available.


The proprietary algae production device is called Biogae™, a modular, scalable 4,000 US/gallon bioreactor designed to be deployed indoors.


Relevant Market Sectors: Municipal (and other) wastewater, Water desalination, Flow-back fluids (Fracking), Wellbore fluids (Oil and Gas), Nutraceuticals, Cannabis replenishment additives, Cannabinol (CBD), Cannabinoid, Cosmeceuticals, Bio-plastics, Diatom organic fuel cells for solar panels, Non-edible feedstock for advanced bio-fuels.                                 


Important Emerging Markets – Cannabis (Additives), Cannabinoid and Cannabinol (CBD, CBG) products, Solar Panel (Diatom Organic Fuel Cells), Bio-plastics (biodegradable), Algae based photovoltaic battery for electronic car and other uses, certain algae being listed and traded as a specialty chmical commodity & Algae contributory material implant for retina surgery (currently in FDA clinical trial).



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