Water Treatment & Reuse


Algae Farm® is a registered trademark owned by Richard M. Berman (Houston, TX, USA).  


Algae Farm®, AlgOil, Biogae, Algapond (all invented, registered, claimed and owned by Richard M. Berman, Houston, TX, USA) is highly disruptive intellectual property and technology that provides proprietary solutions for on-site non-invasive remediation and reuse of municipal (and other) wastewater, flow-back and wellbore fluids from water intensive drilling exploration and production in the oil and gas industries.


Scalable, modular, sustainable, predictable output rates, uses less water by reusing water, no need to discharge water, no permitting required in Texas, (see TRRC Rule 8(d)(7)(B) and S4.202(d)), less risk=less liability insurance costs, no hauling water offsite, no water disposal costs, reduced remediation costs per gallon/barrel, can be used anywhere in the world where power is available for external transformer and estimated 30% reduction in total water costs associated with existing methods.  


"Algae Farm is a pioneer in the indoor cultivation of high yield algae oil, residual biomass and algal biomass...", LumiGrow, Emeryville, CA, USA


All of our proprietary system components are designed, fabricated and assembled in USA.



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