Fishmeal and fish oil are essential food ingredients for the aquaculture industry.  Both contain omega-3 fatty acids. The traditional delivery method (including fish eating other fish) of these ingredients is not sustainable. 


The need for alternative feeds exists today.  Alternative feeds include advanced plant-based products, algae and insect protein. There is no listing for algae as a commodity for either food or energy (biomass). Algae has applications for both.   

Algae Farm® related IP, when used in an indoor climate controlled Algae Farm®, can produce sufficient predictable quantities of algae biomass with oil in-tact (2,996,291 dry weight pounds annually upon stabilization of a 50,000 square foot indoor Algae Farm®), paste, powder, pellet and oil to deliver forward and future commodities trades.  It is essential that this product have its own listing and potentially other listings that address other applicable food uses.  

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